Z±b is located on the northern slope of the Gubałówka mountain : ( 1023 m. above sea level)
Distance to Zakopane in a straight line is only 4 km, while by car - 10 km.
It's residents to this day remained true to the farming and shepherding traditions of their forefathers.
Visitors admire the ever thriving folklore and highlander traditions.
Z±b has enormous tourist attributes, among them, beautiful views of the entire panorama of the Tatra Mountains, Babia Góra and Gorce mountain passes.
There are excellent bike trails leading to Gubałówka, Bachledówka or Zakopane. The woods, meadows, peace and tranquillity encourage taking long walks through town and its surroundings.
Snow remains in these parts for a long time in the wintertime allowing for longer enjoyment of skiing equipment.
Tourists may rent out skiing equipment, bicycles, scooters and use ski lifts.
A Papal Trail leads through Z±b as Pope John Paul II travelled through here.
A regional Tavern, restaurants, a pub, a discotheque, shops - one cannot get bored in Z±b.
Everything is close by in Z±b, there is no lack of attractions, you can enjoy a period of wonderful relaxation and yet you are far from noise and crowds


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